412 Olive Office Development

Palo Alto, CA
Redevelopment and extension of existing commercial building

Targeting Net Zero Energy and Passive House

Previously a sheet metal workshop and office, this building is getting a complete makeover and major addition. The future office development is expected to be the first non-residential Passive House building in California and the first in Palo Alto to harvest rainwater for toilet flushing.

Clarum Homes is developing this building as their new home office and for sub-leasing to tenants. The space will have excellent thermal comfort provided by a high-performance building envelope, without sacrificing the expansive daylight harvesting that was a keystone of the warehouse-style design. The HVAC system consists of non-ducted mini-split heat pumps with separate heat recovery ventilation: is simple to install, operate and maintain while providing high energy efficiency and optimal indoor air quality and comfort.