Our new community marketplace BuildingGenius makes better housing a no-brainer. It helps building industry professionals create better housing while saving time and earning business. While other solutions push one-way information that can only get you so far, BuildingGenius weaves a peer-to-peer community into a comprehensive knowledge base to empower users with confidence to make better decisions. The platform democratizes access to information and expertise that otherwise is out of reach for many housing industry stakeholders.

Content is currently centered on Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) because the ADU market is growing >20% in the strongest markets and is a critical private-sector tool to help communities address their housing crises. ADUs are created on land that is already owned, and they cost a fraction to build compared to subsidized affordable housing projects in urban areas. BuildingGenius complements the Technical Design E-Guide for Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs). The e-guide makes it easier to create efficient, comfortable, healthy, and durable ADUs.

BuildingGenius released the Technical Design E-Guide for ADUs in early 2024. The strategies and details outlined in the e-guide are complemented by product listings, educational resources, and discussion forums in BuildingGenius.

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