Cornell Street Duplex

The builder has completed a gut rehab of the original home on this lot and is now underway with a new second unit. Features include Advanced Framing (resource-efficient structural design), underslab insulation, elimination of thermal bridges at the slab edge, and superinsulation in the walls.

Palo Alto Passive

This is Clarum Home's second completed Passive House, which was substantially complete in early 2013. Learn more about the project here.

Riva Ridge Residence

Spectacularly sited high above the Jackson Hole valley floor with direct views to the Teton range, this home and writer's studio are incorporating thick double-stud walls, insulated rammed earth wall accents, triple-pane windows, heat recovery ventilation, and numerous other high-performance and green features. The original goal of getting to Passive House levels of performance in this 10,000 heating-degree-day climate will not be met, but heat demands are expected to be at least 60% less than code level. The project is currently on hold.

CLAM Blue II Passive House

CLAM Blue II followed on the heels of the Blue House, a deep-energy retrofit that was just shy of Passive House standards


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